The Cummington Fair was initiated in 1883 as the Hillside Agricultural Society.

"The object of The Society shall be the attainment and diffusion of scientific and practical knowledge in the cultivation of the soil and the raising of its various and useful production as comprehended in The Department Of Agriculture, Horticulture and Pomology. For the encouragement to the introduction and raising of  improved breeds of stock. For encouragement  to mechanics and fine arts. For encouragement to domestic manufacture." (Article 2 Constitution)

Today The Society is incorporated as Hillside Agricultural Society Inc., with a president, 12 vice presidents (six men, six women), secretary,  treasurer, superintendent of livestock, the last ex-president and the delegate to the Massachusetts State Fairs Association as the Executive  Committee.

Life membership in The Society is available for five dollars. Please join if you believe in keeping The Society operating. Many volunteers are needed to run The Cummington Fair and are very welcome  at any time.

Current President: George Dole


                  1968  Cummington Fair  "100th Fair"


Color photo's above "Courtesy of the Forbes Library, Northampton, Massachusetts". "From the Robert P. Emrick Collection"

Click on link to see the video from the fair in 1968